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  • Australia is the largest exporter of beef in the world
  • Each year Australia produces over 2 million tonnes of beef
  • Australians eat around 34.5kg of beef annually per person
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Australia's meat and livestock industry began in 1788 when the First Fleet landed at Sydney Harbour. Along with the British convicts and some adventurous settlers, Captain Phillip and his crew brought with the cargo seven cows, a bull, a bull calf, some sheep and a handful of goats, pigs and poultry.

In Australia today there are more than 40 breeds of cattle. Some breeds, such as the Brahman, are more suited to the hot, tropical conditions in the north while others such as the Poll Hereford are better suited to the cooler southern climate. Beef plays a vital role in Australia earning valuable export income and providing a healthy and safe food for us all to enjoy.

When you order GRAZIERS BEEF you can be assured you will enjoy a healthy, tasty, tender, juicy and delicious beef meal every time.

In Australia the majority of cattle are raised and fattened on natural pastures. Variations in seasonal geographic factors influence the style and quality of beef produced on grass. Grass fed beef is lean and is generally favoured by many consumers because it is seen as healthy and low in fat.

Grain fed beef is derived from cattle which are fed for a minimum specified number of days on a nutritionally balanced, high-energy feed. Uniformity of feed results in a greater consistency in the characteristics of the product. Grain fed beef is characterised by the white fat and the deposits of fat through the muscle tissue. This intra-muscular fat is known as marble and it can contribute towards improved tenderness and taste. Our hotels utilise mostly grain fed beef sourced for its quality, consistency and taste preferences.

Our Premium Australian Beef is underpinned by our own ‘Graziers’ quality assurance scheme. Every piece meets stringent criteria and is sourced from leading grazing areas so that it is guaranteed to be tender. Graziers specifications aim to ensure that we end up with the highest quality beef indicated by the smooth, closegrained texture, carnation red colour and finely marbled fat within the lean muscle. Graziers beef has minimum specifications in meat ageing and a minimum of 60 days fed on grain, ensuring consumers will enjoy a healthy, tasty, tender, juicy and delicious beef meal every time.

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